International Construction - January-February 2023

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COMMENT NEW STARTSIt is the start of the year, a
STRONG SALES WHAT'S HAPPENING?OEMs have been releasing their fourth quarter and
WHAT IT MEANSThese results reflect the overall health of the
INTERMAT RETURNSThe Intermat exhibition will be held in Paris,
US$5 TRILLION ECONOMIC AMBITIONIndia aims to become a US$5 trillion economy, but to do so must address infrastructure gaps. Catrin Jones looks at how the country is planning to meet its ambitious goals
POTENTIAL FOR WORLD-LEADING MARKETIndia has invested heavily in infrastructure in recent years and that trend looks set to continue as the country looks at moving from a regional power to a global one, writes Scott Hazelton
TALL BUILDINGS, HIGH DEMANDSTo accommodate the world’s growing population cities are building taller buildings, but how does this fit with the global target of increasing the sustainability of infrastructure? Catrin Jones reports
WALKING THE WALKBauer Maschinen CEO, Dr. Ruediger Kaub, on the challenges – and opportunities – of electric power and automation
TECHNOLOGY'S VALUE PROPOSITIONTechnology has the potential to help solve many of construction’s pain points, such as a lack of workers and the need to reduce emissions, ROB PAINTER, Trimble CEO, tells
FROM THE EDITORI’d like to tell you about some important
McIntosh Power Plant, FloridaPHOTO: TOTAL WRECKING & ENVIRONMENTAL US demolition contractor
2022: The year in quotesD&RI/JOE MATHER PHOTOGRAPHY Excerpts from inter views and
30 years of the RVA GroupA video interview with managing director and D&Ri
PP O’Connor’s starring role in football stand demolitionPHOTO: WREXHAM AFC While the film industr y
Site Report: Mainline Demolition and the Broun Avenue bridgePHOTO: MAINLINE DEMOLITION Behind the scenes at the
Tomorrow’s thinking todayConstruction and demolition are changing rapidly, leading to observers on both sides of the Atlantic analysing how this will translate into actual equipment manufacturing and deployment.
Demolition – the view from a traineeDemolition companies are not just focused on the
The starting pointQuick couplers are just one example of excavator at tachments leading to an increasingly safe workplace. D&Ri looks at the latest developments.
In search of new marketsHYDRAULIC BREAKERS Rotair has unveiled a vision to
Lezama’s power plant challengeHow a Spanish demolition contractor drew on 25 years of experience to come up with two dif ferent methods for projects in the energy industry.
‘ Where the future begins’The 90,000 sq m outdoor exhibition space at
President Panseri’s thoughts for 2023Despite uncertainty in the demolition sector, EDA president Stefano Panseri is hopeful that the progress made in 2022 will continue.
ACHIEVING PEAK EFFICIENCYEngine manufacturers have been steadily improving diesel technology, reducing emissions and also improving fuel economy, reports Julian Buckley
THE SKY'S THE LIMITDrones are increasing accepted as part of the construction process and their applications for the sector are ever evolving, discovers
WHY EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS ARE BUYINGConstruction equipment manufacturers have been engaged in an arms race to buy up technology firms to make their machines more efficient, more environmentally sustainable and safer, reports
'FUTURE PROOF' AIRPORTWhere is it? Between Warsaw and Łódź, Poland
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